Step 1: Empowering Your Wellness Journey

Gathering Information: A 45-minute initial assessment call in person or virtually

We will engage in a conversation to find out more about your, your current life circumstances, your needs, challenges, what influences your choices and your desired goals.

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Step 2: Creating a Practical Lifestyle and Holistic Plan

We will hold a 50-minute meeting to discuss your unique and highly personalized lifestyle plane focused on nutrition, high quality, nutrient dense foods that will promote well being for your body, support your wellness goals and improve your total wellbeing.

Step 3: Getting you Prepared for Success

This coaching experience will be the ongoing, collaborative portion of our journey together. We will establish a routine schedule to make modifications, set expectations, introduce home organization, shopping lists, menus, smart home accessories and anything we need/feel is right to establish an ease of adoption of the lifestyle improvements!

This portion of the plan is essential to shift your awareness, inform yourself in new ways, to make success a habit and to support your investment of time, energy (physical and mental) and resources.

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