Whisper Wellness is a full-service nutrition and wellness, and lifestyle company. We offer a range of counseling, support, and advisory services to any gender, age and have clients across industries and age profiles. We deliver in-person, one-on-one attention to clients and develop curated programs based on clients' unique needs, opportunities, challenges, and goals. We offer traditional counseling sessions on an hourly basis, expanded services on a monthly retainer basis, and VIP/concierge services to individuals with unique or specialized needs.

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Workshops and Wellness Retreats

Bespoke 1-to-3-day coaching retreats for 3-12 persons in South Carolinas Low Country or the Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania. Half-day corporate team building and workshops available as well.

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Whisper Beauty Services and Consultations Available

In addition to my core offerings, I also offer

  • A series of consultations either virtual or in person that informs your knowledge of household toxin exposure, beauty product toxins, air quality, water, emotional/work/home environmental toxins that influence your daily life. Most importantly, we will grow knowledge around how to improve and heal. This is usually conducted in person with actual organic product recommendations for you to touch, feel, and sense in your own home and on your own skin.
  • Image consulting with wardrobe, hair, and make-up (if applicable) coaching. From your workday to your beach vacation, your choices impact your happiness and wellbeing!

Family, Community, Philanthropy

These are core to who Jayme is as a person, whether at home, in her low country cottage situated on a nature preserve, or in her urban residence next two bustling college campuses, Jayme thrives in the service of others. Jayme is a breast cancer survivor; she is happily married to her husband Kevin and is mom to twin sons (whom she credits with being two of her greatest teachers in life since their premature birth at 27 weeks of gestation). Outside of her passion for coaching and functional nutrition, Jayme is thrilled to be involved in community stewardship and not for profit charitable boards.

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