The Pegan Diet

A group of people cutting vegetables on a table.

How do you start?   Focus on the glycemic load of your diet.  High quality protein, pasture raised chicken, wild fish, frass-fed meats, non-GMO tofu and fats from avocados (a family favorite), nuts (excluding peanuts), seeds (flax, chia, hemp, seame and pumpkin and for a tropical flare add unsweetened coconut. Eat the RIGHT fats for the…

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Ways to avoid forever chemicals

Two glass jars with water and green leaves on a table.

Filter your water Skip fresh-water fish Avoid non-stick cookware choose stainless steel Choose PFA free household cleaning products. Research your choice of cooking and packaged food products to choose PFA-free brands.  Think glass storage, stainless steel options or high-quality ceramic coated cookware 

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